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A brave young man burdened by a heavy destiny

.:About Noel:.

Noel Kreiss is a playable character and the main male protagonist in Final Fantasy XIII-2. He is the last remaining human from 700 years into the future, and has traveled into the past hoping to change that fate. He saves Serah Farron from monsters and accompanies her on her quest to find her sister, Lightning.


Noel is a young man with unruly shoulder-length brown hair and striking blue eyes. He wears a black V-neck shirt designed with tribal patterns and a pair of angel wings on the back, along with a simple pendant. On his left arm is a metal bracer, while his right arm is wrapped with cord while he wears a ring on his right hand. He wears large blue sirwal-style pants with decorated hems, and low-cut sandal-like leather shoes. A green pouch and hunter's knife are attached to his belt in the back, which itself is adorned with small lavender ties made of cloth. Under the angel wings on the back of Noel's shirt and on his dagger, there are lines of Etro script.

The sword Noel wields with his right hand has two blades stylized like red flames, while the sword he wields with his left hand is a simple yellow-brown blade similar to a gladius. His two-bladed sword is capable of holding his yellow sword on the metal part of the hilt. Both swords are also capable of combining and forming a spear that also functions as a javelin.

Being a former student under Caius Ballad, Noel is a self-sufficient hunter and fighter. He presents himself as a cocky, cheerful, confident but soft-spoken person. Due to the effects of a time paradox, Noel suffers from memory problems. Coming from a future where humanity was almost non-existent, he has some trouble with his speech, so he tends to speak in a straightforward yet fragmented manner, but he is always excited to go to new places and meet new people.

Noel is also defined by his strong determination to protect his loved ones, evident by how he appears to be strongly protective towards Serah despite just meeting her. After meeting Snow, Noel is quick to berate him for always believing himself to be "the hero," and apparently abandoning Serah and letting down on his promise to find Lightning for her.

He is also able of easily asserting himself to others, and is seemingly able to remain calm and collected when facing people with provoked anger such as the members of NORA. However, as a possible remnant from his time period, Noel shows strong disdain towards how easily humans can die.

.:What his name means:.

"NoŽl" is French for "Christmas", but originates, like other Latin-derived languages forms for the word, from the Latin "Natalis", which means "Birth". In German, "Kreis" means "Circle"; the second "s" may be added purely for pronunciation or stylization.

Text taken from FFWiki





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